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Empowering women to rediscover balance, positivity, and joy through pelvic floor awareness and healing.

My Story

My first teaching experience, when I was 12 years old, was coaching 4-8 yr old children with special needs. My mother owned a school of gymnastics and that’s where my life’s work began. Many years later, my role as a pelvic floor advocate actually began with my mother, as well. In 2003, Momma was diagnosed with a pelvic floor dysfunction. (More of her story in our video message below and in the CPF Series Ep 3.) What then followed – along my own journey – was more experience, education, and awareness. A year after receiving my yoga certification in 2009, a student of mine tells me she feels like she’s ‘falling apart’. She’d recently lost her husband and now felt her body was manifesting the heaviness of her grief. The diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse confirmed it. She’s one of the many to practice pelvic floor stability with me through yoga, laughter, and fascia release. My own personal PF story includes pain, tightness, leakage, and shame — the full gamut of physical, sexual, mental, and emotional challenge. Along the way, I’ve continued my education to hone this focus through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Pelvic Floor Yoga with Leslie Howard, Transcendental Meditation, Laughter Yoga, and The MELT Method with Sue Hitzmann. My approach is a synthesis of Western Science together with Eastern Wisdom. Celebrate the Pelvic Floor was founded in the hopes of sharing all this knowledge with women far and wide. There are too many of us suffering in silence! Let’s take this topic away from taboo, ladies. The time is NOW!

A Message from Momma and Me

Many of you have asked me “Why Celebrate the Pelvic Floor?” Well this person is my “Why.” Meet my Momma, hear her story, and why so many women struggle with pelvic floor wellness.
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Our Mission

We offer online education and live events to promote understanding of pelvic floor wellness and to encourage more candid conversation and effective healing through the sharing of stories, practices, techniques, and professional resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What / why / where is the pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is a bunch of muscles, fibers, and fascia at the base of the pelvis that's super important for so many reasons! It connects front-to-back from pubic bone to tailbone and side-to-side at the ischial tuberosities (‘sit-bones’). The pelvic floor is part of our deep core, and connected through fascia from the tongue to the toes. Its responsibilities include urinary, bowel, childbirth, orgasm, support, and stability.

What do you teach in the course?

The main focus of the course is self-discovery. We'll find stability -- physically with yoga, emotionally with breathing and laughter, and energetically with fascia and chakra work.

What are CPF Circles and Meetups?

These are live and online events for women only where we move, groove, laugh, learn, and celebrate the pelvic floor! It's a fun, informative, safe space where we can share stories and support one another.

How do I celebrate my pelvic floor?

That depends on your pelvic floor! Raising awareness of this space in the body takes focus and patience. This, in itself, is a celebration! Once we realize the state of our pelvic floor, we can stabilize it appropriately. There are many techniques we can practice yet this isn’t a 'one size fits all' sort of endeavor.

Why buy the CPF online course?

This course could change your life in an amazing way. We all have a pelvic floor and we need to know how to keep her happy and healthy! This course offers research, resources, statistics, stories, breathing techniques, a private discussion board, yoga practicum, meditations, and more. And we have exclusive new offers for 2021 – groovy complements to your CPF Series! Get on our mailing list to receive all the deets. You do NOT want to miss this!

Where can I get more information?

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