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A Chakra Chat

A Chakra Chat

According to ancient yoga tradition, we have a great many energy centers – called chakras – within and surrounding the body. In Sanskrit, the word …

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The Perks Of Laughter For The Pelvic Floor

The Perks of Laughter for the Pelvic Floor

According to yoga tradition, we hold the energy of JOY in the low belly and pelvis. This is also where we hold fear and shame. …

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Our CPF Inspiration: Coach Bon (My Momma)

The CPF co-founder – my Momma, Coach Bon Kyle-Blamphin – is our inspiration! Back in the early 1970s – when I was about 5 years …

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Pelvic Floor: What / Where / Why

Pelvic Floor: What / Where / Why

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, fibers, and fascia at the base of the pelvis that’s important for so many reasons. It connects …

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