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Our CPF Inspiration: Coach Bon (My Momma)


The CPF co-founder – my Momma, Coach Bon Kyle-Blamphin – is our inspiration! Back in the early 1970s – when I was about 5 years old – my Momma founded a school of gymnastics. For 20 years, she was the director and head coach of a thriving business. It was an extremely physical career – moving equipment, spotting gymnasts, and teaching lots of long hours. She says those were very exciting years! Yet in 2003, she was diagnosed with a pelvic floor dysfunction called prolapse. At that time, I was immersed in my yoga journey – so we collaborated to create a yoga pose sequence for Momma to practice. To this day, she still maintains the stability of her pelvic floor. No surgery! 

Here’s her story: “My personal journey through the challenge of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) began in 2003, standing in the shower, sensing and feeling that “something” was protruding from my vagina. Terrified at that mysterious moment that I had a tumor, what followed was a journey through a Grade 2 pelvic organ prolapse. Has POP lived with me every day of my life since October 14th 2003? Oh yes, it has. Has POP changed the way I sit, walk, stand, run, lift, breathe, cough, and manage my personal world? Oh yes, it has. Am I a much stronger woman than I was 16 years ago? Oh yes, I definitely am – physically, emotionally and intellectually. Do I ever question the protocols that I’ve created for myself, the decisions that I’ve made, and the public voice that I’ve developed? NEVER! For the wellness and self-acceptance of my personal “diamond” pelvic floor space, and its needs – I will continue to heal.”

Currently, Momma’s a QUEEN at the age of 80. She continues playing softball and playing cards and games with her life partner and their friends in The Villages Florida. And of course, she’s still coaching! For the last 10 years, she’s created, developed, and grown a women-only program in the pool called SHYNE – Stretch Heal Yoga Nurture Energy. It’s awesome! Three to four times per week for years, women have flocked to the pools for her class. Before the year 2020, there might be 75 women in the pool! And these beautiful women all share so much love and light during class! Every single time I’ve participated, I’ve literally had tears in my eyes for almost the entire time. I’m so damn proud of the care, knowledge, and experience that Momma has shared with so many others through her lifetime. She is so kickass, it’s crazy. I love her so!


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