Rediscover Your Core And Floor​: How to Jump-Start Your Journey to Pelvic Floor Freedom

An Easy 5-Step Training to Raise Your Awareness
and Boost Your Confidence

… so you never have to wonder why you’re feeling leakage, pain, and urge (even if you’re embarrassed to talk about it).

Is this You? You know you need to be practicing self-care to stabilize
your pelvic floor and feel awesome about
your body, but the truth is… you have no time.

You always put self-care
low on your list.

It’s just one day after the next and you’re taking care of everything and everyone else. When you really think about it, you wonder…
what am I supposed to do anyway?!

You may have already tried:

  • Pretending like it’s no big deal, hoping that one day your symptoms will just go away but you secretly know that they won’t.
  • Kegel exercises that made you feel confused, or worse yet, completely ridiculous because you’re not sure what you’re doing and they don’t feel like they’re working anyway
  •  Opting for surgery, but the the truth is now you have even more symptoms than before.

You’re not alone.

Most women struggle to stabilize their pelvic floor.

But there is a better way. A way to:

  • Feel confident going out with friends, knowing you have enough stability in your pelvic floor to wear your fancy pants and laugh without leaking.
  • Be free to go shopping without having to only go to the stores with a clean bathroom.
  • Enjoy your sexual energy enough to feel comfortable and be vulnerable again in the bedroom.
  • Return to running and hiking without having to fear pelvic floor pressure.

You see, there are 3 simple rules to
pelvic floor freedom:

  1. You must understand the anatomy of the pelvic floor
  2. Your current patterns and habits may need some tweaking
  3. You must take the appropriate steps and be willing to practice

If you’re willing to follow these 3 simple rules,
you’re almost 100% destined to stabilize your pelvic floor.

But how do you do all these things
without taking too much time and feeling even
more overwhelmed?

{Or without winging it and maybe doing your body more harm than good?}

Let me help you. Hi, I'm Julie.

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I’m a Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher and the Founder of Celebrate the Pelvic Floor. I’m empowering women to laugh without leaking and have sex without pain through my online pelvic floor yoga program. 

My 30+ years of teaching yoga affords me the experience to bring you – and your body – exactly what it needs to find core and pelvic floor confidence and stability. 

I LOVE this work and you will too. I’m known as the “peaceful positivity guru” who motivates women to put Self at the top of the priority list and simply practice, practice, practice.

Over time, I’ve seen what keeps some women feeling desperate for pelvic floor healing while others are enjoying abundant confidence and freedom. I’ve taught women the secrets and these are the exact secrets I’m revealing for you in this new training…

Rediscover Your Core And Floor

How to Jump-Start Your Journey to
Pelvic Floor Freedom

You’ll walk away with:

  • knowledge of anatomy that’s necessary to heal and evolve 
  • the confidence to take the steps toward your perfect practice 
  • permission to connect with Self and others to position yourself for success

Raise Awareness | Make Adjustments | Practice Practice Practice

Rediscover Your Core And Floor

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