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Upcoming Events & Workshops

YogaPlay for Pelvic Floor Stability:

Strength for the Holidays & Beyond

Sunday November 6th (2-4pm)

The holiday season is typically a time to put our needs aside, but this is precisely the time we need strength! Being mindful of our strengths during this busy season prepares us for the days when we have a bit more time for self-care.

YogaPlay is perfect for you, if you…

– have a pelvic floor! (Yes, that’s all of us.)

– are a woman who KNOWS something’s not quite right 

– would love to dance, laugh, and play, but your leakage, pain, and urge take all the fun out of it

– think a restful night sleep would be amazing, but your bladder keeps waking you up

– dream of feeling sexy and free again, but where do you even begin?

These workshops include a fun warmup, laughter, conversation, a gentle restorative yoga practice, and a groovy meditation at the end. 

Tell your sisters and besties and sign up today! 
Click to Watch a Video of YogaPlay 5/22/22

Are you ready to end leakage, pain, urge...?

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