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Pelvic Floor: What / Where / Why

Pelvic Floor: What / Where / Why


The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, fibers, and fascia at the base of the pelvis that’s important for so many reasons. It connects front-to-back from pubic bone to tailbone and side-to-side at the ischial tuberosities (or ‘sit-bones’). The pelvic floor is part to our deep core, and connected through fascia from the tongue to the toes. Its responsibilities include urinary and bowel functions, support for our internal organs, and sexual activity. 

Energetically, this is our sacred space. It’s all about creation, creativity, sexuality, and sensuality. According to the yoga tradition, we hold the energy of JOY in the low belly and pelvic floor. This is also where we hold fear and shame. If we’re disconnected from this area, we may be cultivating more fear and shame. In all of the Celebrate the Pelvic Floor programs – we practice laughter, movement, and positivity – to consciously cultivate JOY!

We ‘celebrate’ the pelvic floor simply by committing to self-discovery. Raising our awareness of this space in the body takes focus and patience. Learning about its physiology, function, and resilience is, in itself, a celebration! Once we realize the state of our pelvic floor, we can then stabilize it appropriately. There are SO many techniques we can practice. However – as you’ll learn – this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ sort of endeavor. Again, our main focus should be finding stability – physically ​with yoga​,​ emotionally ​with​ ​breathing and ​laughter,​​ ​and ​energetic​a​​lly with ​fascia release and chakra work​. 

Let me tell you a story. Back in 2009, I launched my first yoga business – Stretch Your Spirit – and began focusing on private practice. Over the years, I started noticing that the number of women struggling with core and pelvic floor wellness is simply staggering. I’m not one to mince words so ‘Celebrate the Pelvic Floor’ began as an inspiring phrase, then it became a bumper sticker, and then trademarked, and has now developed into the most important endeavor of my life thus far. To hold space for women who are sharing their most private personal concerns…?? Truly, I’m honored to do this work. It’s so rewarding and simply fantastic when women feel sexy and stable again through my program of movement and self-discovery. I LOVE WHAT I DO!


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